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5 GREAT Indoor Plants that you WONT kill

5 GREAT Indoor Plants that you WONT kill

Home of Rikke Graff Juel, photographed by Christina Kayser O

Home of Rikke Graff Juel, photographed by Christina Kayser O

Nothing revives the home like some luscious green plants, they give good energy, purify the air and according to the age old rules of feng shui, they can sharpen focus and improve your health. 

I think when we think about how many hours we actually spend indoors (don't calculate it, it will scare you!) It's important that we make the air we are breathing in so much, clean and fresh to help us feel our best! 

Here are some fun fact's I've found about indoor plants:

  • Foliage improves concentration

  • Potting mix purifies the air

  • Flowers boost creativity

  • Leaves (underside) reduce illness

  • The whole plant puts you in a good mood

And here is my top list of indoor plants you should fill your home with, if you're thinking about taking the next step and bringing some new life into your home:

Sansevieria trifasciata: Also known as the Snake Plant / Mother-in-law's Tongue 

This plant has allowed me to be the laziest plant owner on the planet. They require barely any maintenance and barely even any water! They can be left alone for days in the heat and even weeks and months in the winter! They can be kept outdoors or indoors and will pretty much live through anything, while purifying your air! The name makes for a great talking point as well.

Chlorophytum comosum: Also known as the Spider Plant

This plant again, can be left to it's own means and will grow to a luscious healthy size and keep your air purified! They are great plants to sit in pots on desktops, bedsides or kitchen tables. They are unusual looking and thrive well in medium light conditions in any room of the house.

Ficus elastica: Also known as the Rubber Tree Plant or Rubber Bush

I love this plant because its a good one for a bachelor's house, you know, that guy that lives alone of the bunch of boys you know who are in a share house. Lot's of them that I know, wouldn't go out and buy themselves indoor plants so this is a great gift to get them to have some plant's inside, with low maintenance that aren't "too girly". Like all the other's mentioned, it thrives indoors and requires very low maintenance! 

Senecio rowleyanus: Also known as string-of-pearlS OR string-of-beads

These are a great plant when you are looking for something a little different that you can put into a hanglng planter. Their only trick is that they like lots of light, so you'd want to hang them near a window or under a light that is on for a chunk of the day. Besides that, just keep them watered in the summer and throughout the winter, sparingly. I love the look of these and it's probably the next plant I will be adding to my little jungle at home!

Dracaena Marginata: Also known as Madagascar Dragon Tree

These guys are wild! I have two in my house and they love to be left alone! I barely water them, ever (whoops) but they just keep growing. One has even split into two and loves the dark corner I have stuck him in. These are the perfect plant in my opinion. 

And so I will leave you with a little bit of house plant home inspo, with these to-die-for home images full of greenery, clean air and life:

Chairs you need. Sorry in advance to your Bank account.

Chairs you need. Sorry in advance to your Bank account.

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